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Australian and World Surfcams

Here you will find all the surfcams in Australia. We have heaps of surfcams on this page so, take your time and scroll down the page. We also have links most of the world surfcams. There are new surfcams coming online all the time so stay tuned.

Check out our list of ever growing World Surfcams.

  • The Bondi Surf Bathers' Lifesaving Club Surfcam - Sydney

    This is probably one of the most famous beaches in Australia. This surfcam is not yet operating but will be up within the next month.

  • Dixon Park Surf Club Surfcam - NewcastleDixon Park Surf Club Surfcam, Newcastle, Australia

    This is a great beach one of three on a good stretch of coastline in Newcastle. This image is updated every 3 minutes from 5.20am to 7pm daily. This was the orginal live camera location in Newcastle.

  • Cooks Hill Surf Club Surfcam - Newcastle

    This is beach is just up the beach from Dixon Park Surf club. It is a favour for families as it provides great protection for the young ones, while providing great surf on the right of the camera. The images from this beach are updated daily usually by 8am.

  • Merewether Surf Club Surfcam - Newcastle

    This is one of the most popular beaches in Newcastle and usually provides the best conditions. Very popular with surfers and just another amazing beach in Newcastle and the Hunter. The images on this page are updated every day.

  • Newcastle Beach Surfcam - Newcastle

    Newcastle is Philpy's favourite beach in the Hunter as it usually provides good surfing conditions. There is a reef on the left hand side of the beach in front of the clubhouse. Quite a wide beach. Dolphins usually scream past the beach scaring the you know what out of the surfers (including me). Images updated every day.

  • Nobbys Beach Surfcam - Newcastle

    This is a very good beach for children and has some good waves out further near the lighthouse on a reef. Probably the most beautiful out look in Newcastle and well worth a look. Updated daily

  • Ulladulla Portal Surfcam - Ulladulla

    This surfcam is located in Ulladulla on the south coast of New South Wales. A very good surfcam updating every couple of minutes. The site is run by JD and is well worth a look as it has links to almost anything on the net and features "Budgiecam" staring Wheelan the budgie.

  • Gold Coast Surfcam - Queensland

    Ever wanted to the see the Gold Coast from up high? you'll see it here updated every 45 seconds 24 hours so don't be surprised if it's dark.

  • The Gong Surfcam - Wollongong

    This surfcam is located in Wollongong about 1 hour south of Sydney. Updated every couple of minutes

  • Victorian Surfcams

  • This site will give you all the low down in Victoria, including surfcams and surfreports



World Surfcams




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