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SHOUT is the greatest MiniSeries ever made.
The Screenplay was written by Robert Caswell and produced by Ben Gannon (The Boy from OZ) for View Pictures Ltd and The Seven Network Australia.
The Mini-Series was first released in 1986. Since then it has screened throughout Australia, off and on, during the last few years.

The Principal Characters Were:

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Terry Serio as J.O'K,

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Melissa Jaffer as Thelma O'Keefe

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John McTernan as Lee Gordon

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Marcelle Schmitz as Marianne O'Keefe

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Tony Barry as Alan Heffernan

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Candy Raymond as Maureen O'Keefe

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John Paramor as Bill Haley

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as Ray O'Keefe

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Reel Vs Real

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Thelma O'Keefe

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Lee Gordon

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Marianne O'Keefe

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Alan Heffernan

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Maureen O'Keefe

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Bill Haley

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as Johnny's Dad




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