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T h e   L i  b r a r y
  Finding Information of J.O'K is a mission in its self. What lays within this page is the beginning of a collection of Information
on all aspects of J.O'K's life and history.

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The Books on J.O'K.
A Collection of Books that have been released on/or featuring J.O'K

The J.O'K  History Book
A Time line on the Career of The Wild One

The A-Z Of  J.O'K
Watch this online Encyclopedia Come alive

The Panegyric Given by Brother Marzorini
The complete transcript from the funeral of J.O'K

The J.O'K Story
An extract from the forthcoming book by Damian Johnstone

Johnny O'Keefe by Noel McGrath
Taken from Noel's 1983 Enclyclopedia of Rock & Pop

Anything Goes

The Listing of All Of J.O'K's Singles, Eps, LPs and CDs

The Singles Statistics
Find out how the Wild One's Hit's went on the Charts


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Johnny O'Keefe
Titles are avaliable to Buy, try:

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The Videos on J.O'K.
A Collection of Video Titles that are on/or feature Johnny O'Keefe

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