Photo Album

This is the main group of Silkies that we show go to each one for a break down of each dog.At the moment Fredendi Brendon Blu is doing some winning while Fredendi Fasination is an    occasional winner.Fredendi Blu Jimbo does not like the show ring unfortunatly ,but is still a good example of the breed and is a good stud dog.



Blu Jimbo

Fasination Blu



Brendon Blu

Fredendi Blue Jimbo

Here is Jimbos photo and Pedigree

Fredendi Fasination

'Have alook at Fasination  ( Missy )

Fredendi Brendon Blue

Brendons pedigree and photograph

David & Nancy

Kim & Jamie

These two sites are to our son and daughters wedding pages.David was married in 1992,while Kim was married in 1999.

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