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"Soul Journey?"
written 1998 - last revised 2007

It is my impression the Egyptians of certain Earlier Dynasties were a little kinder to each other about possessions, power and wealth in general than "we" are today. They even wanted their departing seniors to "take it with them". 

As death was seen as a sole journey - going it alone - (soul?) - they wanted their loved one to take with them as many of the reminders of their life with family and friends; as much as they could afford. A happy and appreciated parent or grandparent was more likely to "be waiting"...  or to "return" (reincarnate) if the children and grandchildren showed the continued love, respect and consideration for their well-being at this moment.

They understood love on a family level and regarded the family friendships very highly.... something a little missing these days?

The idea of "one life" is a very very recent belief in terms of human spiritual and religious history. Burying a number of worldly things with the departed was a demonstration that greed did not motivate the "still living"; that the departed would be able to dwell, if need be, to look upon those reminders for stability as the soul's journey was plotted out.

Familiarity with those worldly things that have not been "ripped off" by relatives or "government" would serve to reassure the departing soul that all was and is well...  that there was and is no ill will, and that it would be a "safe (familiar and predictable)  journey," and perhaps worthwhile returning again to live another life with those familiar faces..... 

The value of family life and personal friendship and integrity was what sustained the early Egyptians and helped the culture endure for thousands of years.... not "government" or "organised religion" (which was a later concept,) nor material "wealth".

Very early on, spiritual knowledge was an individual and family based affair, with concerns for truth as "the laws of life and death". This included living in harmony with the environment and natural cycles. Encroaching organised religion was to be regarded as some kind of organised crime. It replaced family security with fear and superstition. The motive for these groups gradually "took away" the responsibility of self motivation and was seen as having a Power, Control and Wealth based motivation... Not the well-being of the individual or the caring of others..... Sounds familiar today.

In earlier times, Knowledge was not confused with Belief, and no one had to enforce the desire for knowledge as is done in this day and age.

However, later in Egyptian history, religion took the place of "Family Knowledge", and understanding of The Self... the "old understanding" was submerged.

Today a political madness and domination has supplanted spiritual technology and wisdom with confusion in repressive groups that even wear a religious face - and believe the whole world is fooled. Not this little duck Mate. These are Cults of the Damned.

In short.... When you drop the body, get buried in a big vault with your SY99 .... think Egyptian.





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