About the SY99
the ultimate FM/AWM synth

"It's hard to believe that such an instrument exists. I would say that there was only a minority of musicians, let alone composers who know of it's existence. Those I've met who have heard of it, have never seen one, but like so many muso's, they know it all after I have mentioned a few familiar hardware characteristics. When I demonstrate it to them, they are amazed at the tone, the sensitivity, the control and the response.

I've actually been learning about the SY99 from August 1991. I had little or no real knowledge about music beyond the very basics. I could read notes on a page but it was almost too much for me to actually play a piece from music except after a heck of a lot of practice... in fact I don't have a great affinity for written music. Makes me a bit limited as a musician, but I might get it together eventually.

Since 1991, due to the actual structure and design facilities of the SY99, I have composed a lot of music. Some good and some, not so good. But anything I think you might enjoy will be eventually edited for release on CDs.

The music for all my albums was composed directly on the SY99 keyboard and recorded as the compositions unfolded. Each song for was started with a continuous flow of recorded notes that flowed onto the keyboard one track at a time. The recording was edited from within the keyboard, and each edition saved and numbered as a "session". Accompanying tracks were added at the right time, and the editing and 'arranging' cycle repeated till the song was made clear.

I have enabled you to listen to a few full song samples - enough for you to find out if my music is to your liking."




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Download the SY99 Manual from Yamaha in *pdf format

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