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The soul is visualised as having originally immersed itself into the great and limitless circle of eternity; into a centre of space... where it has assumed individuality, consciousness of its individuality, viewpoint and desire to experience effects from the determinations of self and others.

Thus it has becoming subject to the limitations of... 












Time... Represented by a horizontal dissecting line across the eternal circle.

Thus the symbol of "theta" is formed.

The symbol for theta has ancient origins, and here is my story of how the meanings associated with symbols have merged; to recover and refresh an old view of the relationship between the spiritual essence and the universe of Matter, Energy, Space and Time.

The word 'theta' is well known.... It is an early Greek word meaning Thought, Spirit or Life. In modern times, in common usage,  it is understood as death.

The symbol is thus the archetypal symbol of the duality which the soul experiences in the 'created world' through the dichotomies of 'light and dark', 'good and bad', beauty and ugliness.... and that which is "known and thought about".

The division between the two halves of the circle also represent the apparent dividing line between Heaven and Earth; the horizon between the realms of spirit (above) and the physical (below).

These polarising opposite natures effect the spirit with the material universe, and so this forged relationship stretches the circle of spiritual space into the apparency of the great and limitless oval of eternity.











The incarnating soul is visualised as emerging from its centre of spiritual space, where it descends from this higher plane down into the realm of matter and becoming subject to the laws of time.

The vertical line of 'descent' denotes the descent of spirit from the higher plane crossing the horizon on down into the realm of physical matter and thus on into the great time cycles of A Zodiac.

Thus adding the vertical line of "ascension", to the horizontal line of time...  the Tau Cross is formed   -  an ancient Magical symbol.

The vertical indicates the 'ladder' or 'bridge' between the Earth and the spiritual realm. It can be traveled both directions - "up or down". "In or out".












The Tau Cross depends from the circle of the higher spiritual realm, representing the descent of spirit (vertical) incarnating through the maternal womb (horizontal)

Thus the Ankh is formed... well known as the ancient Egyptian Symbol of Life.













The Ankh enclosed in the Ring of Eternity or Timelessness, an essential quality of Theta, we thus have...

The symbol of the highest state or order of Being...

             the symbol of The New Age... 

                     Representing Art and Knowing in the Highest Sense.

                              It is the symbol of "The Key to Life" .


.......and is what the music of Davina Records seeks to personify.











The Symbol of The New Age


the age of aquarius

The new age is all about Friendship... Kindness and Sharing, Caring and Nurturing, Releasing and Clearing... Letting Go of delusion and illusion... Becoming At Cause over it; Assuming control. It's about becoming responsible as individuals.

"A chain is as strong as its weakest link". A society is this way. A civilization is this way. Agencies that remove this responsibility are from the previous Age of Pisces. The ability to respond is the greatest ability. It is the basis of survival and all Freedoms. Spiritual Strength and Freedom is based on Responsibility.





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