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The Akashic Tap...the Fountain of Music

I am sure that there are many who may have tuned into something like the realm I am describing, through many other methods also.... such as -

a)   Religious or spiritual experiences.

b)   Being in love. Winning or just realising something of a profound nature or a "cognition" could open some kind of channel into this kind of "space".

c)   As a consequence of perceiving or understanding the nature of the Personal Universe through the experience of "ethics" as different from "morality".

b)  Perhaps certain drug induced experiences  or trauma ... (i.e. - through loss or pain) could force an experience of it through the escalation of the "necessity level".

For an interesting treatment of the subject see this site - Akashic Record.

For me the degree of connection a person experiences with the Akashic Record, could be called the Personal Universe.


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Personal Universe Music

The music seems to come to me,
Not really from me,
Perhaps even through me..
But yet I am where it comes from too.
Images flow like a movie and a story unfolds.
The Message- the result of this sort of connection is
That I feel at the very least, very emotionally moved,
And often released and uplifted.
This is what I hope my music will help you to do
If you listen to it "in the right place"
And at the right time.

I don't feel the need to have this place 
Explained away with psychological mumbo-jumbo
To me it doesn't need any explanation.
It's just there to be experienced for everyone.
The degree to which one can experience it,
Results in music or feelings of music and
For that matter,
Probably results in all forms of art.

It is the heart uplifted to Ecstasy.


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By listening to the music one has composed later on, one is reminded of that 'moment' and is more easily able to contact that experience again... and I suppose I would like to share my "experience" with you through a few pointers, (music recordings) that may remind you or connect you to a similar experience or 'visit' to that 'place'.

If you're in love or living a good life or just high on life, you'll most likely understand what I'm talking about anyway. Find your heart, and you will find the way.

The birds know about it.   (If you can sing in 'bird', ask them. Unfortunately they can't speak in your words because they have no lips. They are without lips. They are lipless.)

But they can tune in if you've got the right key.... and you've "asked the right questions." You will always only get what you ask for.

Perhaps, first of all, and it is always the key to any connection...... Find out if they're interested in communicating with you. (They are very discriminating about universe connections.) Ask for permission, simply and with grace..... It amazes me how many portals are closed to Man because of his coarseness.

I believe birdies admire and are attracted to harmony... and very short and meaningful ideas. They don't like long boring stories.... They've heard it all before.

Check this out for yourself.

PS: To enter the Keyhole to the Universe, the clairvoyant doorway.... anoint yourself with Love, Patience, Modesty and Consideration. Then mind your Manners. You get what you "ask for". Motivation is paramount.


Love is a birdy

"Coincidences are the masks of destiny"

"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence."
Albert Einstein

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