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The Personal Universe

For me - Composing music is actually like turning a key which opens a channel into a vast place... a multi dimensional plane or field that one experiences by just being a part of it or being a part IN it... its like being in a sort of "universal pond" of musical communications & inspirations.

In it one locates and connects to this "Source of Music". It is an experience of a stillness, simplicity and beauty. It has all the potential for motion, complexity and discord too. I think it all depends on what sort of Being you are, how personally free you are, and what you really want to communicate.

It feels timeless there. In a sense one can go to the extremes of 'earliest and latest', 'nearest and farthermost' in this 'dimension'- drawing on 'songs' of unfolding scenes 'describing' love, joy, compassion, solitude, eternity, curiosity, sharing, loneliness, peace, etc... without losing "the moment".

Sometimes it feels like a journey; but not necessarily one of going anywhere.

In another way, it is a "downloading of understanding", perceived as scenes, circumstances and emotions that all manifest as music and other forms of art.

The best description I have learned is actually talking about connection with the "Theta Universe", a universe that some may liken to the idea of the Akashic Record.

When connected with this level of experience, one perceives the "welcome-ness" of it. It is really not an alien place, but a meeting place or union of personal universes without barriers.

For me it is about understanding the nature of an individual person too.

One who is aware of him or herself as a "Life Source" or "Theta Source", is one who is operating from "knowingness" or the Akashic Record.

Awareness is not the result of a mechanism or entity or collection of energies or cells.  A being is an individual, a Beingness, a Unit of Awareness containing a personal universe of space, energy, matter and time within an identity and "category of beingness".

A being is "divine" in so much that he or she has the native ability to divine; to create motion, or cause art... such as music and skill in living.

Unfortunately in this recent materialistic period of history, many are so very far from these realities.... though perhaps not for more than 70 years or so in a lifetime.

Music for Your Personal Universe Continued......


" was more like Michelangelo's philosophy; when you have a piece of stone and chip away at all that is not the angel, the angel will appear...."

From "People Who Dangle Over The Creative Edge"
by Randy Peyser

Love is a birdy

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