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ARC Within Music

Art has more to do with the quality of communication than "being valuable".

To communicate a reality with an intended degree of affinity might be a way of putting it.   Without a degree of liking for the form of art, an individual or audience cannot develop a reality about the art and goes out of communication with it or in regards to it.

A presentation intended as Art might be "missed" altogether by those whose appreciation [ARC] for it is out of step with it. People have their favourite forms of art, particularly in relation to music, and may have less affinity for other forms of art than music.

With music, I personally can't "appreciate" heavy metal and some country and western music. As it has not been part of positive human experience for me, I haven't been inclined to develop an affinity for it. Some forms of music are like a "negative musical form of Aromatherapy" simply reminding me of times, places, people or events that I have no affinity for or had "negative affinity" for. I may have been in a "different" mood or an incompatible mood at the time.

ARC is three qualities that add up to understanding and willingness or ability to "be" there to "do" something to "have" something.

If a "beginner" or student was to just take up an instrument and play sounds until they became musical or beautiful, one would soon be hearing a series of notes that would be 'good to listen to'... the true beginnings of music. This would almost certainly develop into what could be regarded as "one's own" music, and it would be no less music than that created by an experienced, well known or highly trained composer. There may be a vast difference in compositional quality, but it would be, none the less, Music. From that point on, focusing attention and 'tuning in'.... creating ARC develops not only a "sense" for music, but creates music with 'listening results' far superior to rote learning.

Starting this way... and having this attitude... results in the ability to interpret works composed by others with superior style.... But of course this may have no bearing on whether the "mass market" or "critics" appreciate the works or the  performance of it... or not.

Music played naturally as ones own with ones own feeling carrying the flow to the listener straight from the heart rather than the music manuscript is where music is at its best. It's the level of ARC in the music that makes the difference.

Music for Your Personal Universe Continued......

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