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Another Creation Story

Music is a form of communication from an artist via an instrument (including the voice or some other body part, I suppose). A musical communication can be either originated, or be a sort of mimic or relay of someone else's communications. The real moment of composition is the original communication.

A performer is, in a sense, trying to mimic, or duplicate the composers origination. But certain composers create music intending the performer to interpret the 'original communication' as though the performance of it was indeed the instrumentalist's 'original communication'.

Perhaps this interpretation, or 'artistic license', may make a piece of music much more interesting. Perhaps certain listeners would prefer to hear that quality about the music more than any other. In this case, the performer uses the "carrier wave" of the composer's origination to add his or her "characteristics"; without "taking-away" from the value of the "original communication".

Music for Your Personal Universe Continued......

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