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The Tune, Not The Words

Yet with the advent of these instruments that inspire the creative imagination, so many who want to "learn to play music", so often get loaded down with the 'job' of learning that 'musical notation language'.

They diligently try to become familiar with their instrument and all the mechanical aspects to producing its voice. Then at the same time try to learn to read scripts of music that someone else has composed. This they do long before they have explored their actual musical potential through exploration of their instrument and/or their ability to BE a musician through the origination of music.

The ability to originate is the key to any musical ability, not the interpretation of another's' work.

Firstly the musician has to discover his or her own potential while discovering the potentials of the instrument being played, and then learn to read a musical language.

Here is how I have experienced it...

It's easier to visit a foreign country if you have a 'feeling' for that culture, then you find a reason "to make the sounds of that culture," (e.g.: "Could you please tell me the time?"...  that is - the need to ask questions...) from which reasons you develop a 'feel for it'. Gradually the words start to flow and you get on better. Whilst others respond to you it becomes easier to empathize firstly with the "music" of the language, picking up the "notes" of others - and that includes physical signal notes (noticing their behaviours) - and then their words.

It is my understanding that a toddler 'understands' long before trying to talk the "big people's way". The "music of the parents voice" is the groundwork of a lifetime of human joys or sufferings. I think learning difficulties have their roots in this area.

I think understanding and being competent with any language is built on a foundation of understanding the feelings (affinities) of that realm of communication.

To develop a musician or sane human being, one must pay attention to the communication and affinity of the "student". Cut or inhibited expression or experience, is the basic area that deserves real consideration if the resulting ability is to be one of "Art".

Music for Your Personal Universe - Continued......

Love is a birdy

"The condition of music is a reflection of the condition of the soul it appeals to, and the most meaningful indicator of it."

- Diarbe

"Angels communicate not with words but Music and degrees of Admiration."

- Diarbe again.

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