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The Silk Sound... Perhaps Not to a Sows' Ear

You may have already observed that there is a relationship between the kind of musical sound produced and the mechanical idiosyncrasy of the acoustic instrument producing it.

Often the pleasing and desirable nature of the sound produced by these physical and mechanical characteristics not only distinguishes the musical voice of an instrument from others, but requires a specific mechanical finesse on the part of the instrumentalist in producing the sound that the instrument is potentially capable of producing.

These ideas particularly crystallized while I was composing for flute or violin on the keyboard.

Though the SY99 has astounding ability to mimic an acoustic instrument, a passage could sound completely 'unnatural' for some basic reasons... and of course the "smarty's" would say immediately... because it isn't actually a flute or violin.

A composer needs to be aware of these 'mind-splitting' concepts regarding music or a composition may never achieve an interpretation worthy of it. An electronic instrument has to be really advanced to mimic this mechanical idiosyncrasy factor. The SY99 comes closer to it than any complete system I have known in 25 years of looking.

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