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Musical Frozen Moments

"After playing the keyboard intensely since 1991, I have come to the conclusion that composing music really has much less to do with manuscripts or notes on a page, and a lot more to do with "originating" what is being heard.

Manuscripting is a useful method of communicating to the musician who is skilled at reading and interpreting what a composer intended for a particular instrument.

Composing and recording a piece of music by writing notes and instructions for its performance on paper, was the only method available in recent centuries. Certainly it is reliable method and it has stood the test of time. But from the point of view of composing, it is a very slow and tedious method, which can interfere with "the spontaneous creative flow".

There has been a rather gigantic development for composing and recording musical works over the last 40 years or so. Sequencers with real time recording facilities have made their appearance. They are gradually replacing the method of manuscripting in musical composition.

Because synthesization of the voice of a recognized instrument, or the sampling of the 'voice' of a particular instrument is now technically possible, a composer can become immersed into the mind-space of a musician playing that particular kind of musical voice with a 'hands-on' instrument, while in the "moment" of composition. This leaves the focus of the composer's attention on capturing the musical message rather than on playing a wide variety of musical instruments,  or slowing to the demands and possible limitations of manuscripting.

The main requirement for the synthesizer method is familiarity with a key-board.

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