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I posted myself on "Amie Street.com" on 12th March and posted on Last.fm today.

I had my first album posted on a site called "music downloads.com" and suddenly the link kept carrying me to Last.fm all the time. So I checked it out and found an old friend had set up a page about my music on the site for me anyway, so I just had to "claim it" and set it up culminating in an upload of the first two album's. He'd attached my email address to the site.

The music downloads.com site seems to have vanished. It was managed by Cnet.

The difference about these two sites is that they are set up to encourage a small contribution for the music. I don't know how much or whether I will make anything out of it, but it is interesting that I can see stats which give me an idea of what is really thought of the music. Man there are a lot of artists out there. But it is becoming clear to me why some are never known of in a big way.

Talk about "the graveyard of the Internet". It sure is easy to be overlooked completely. The attitude to have seems to be one that the average Chinese citizen is accustomed to. That is to accept being "one of the crowd" when it is all said and done.


I was looking through old cassette tapes looking for a unique recording of an album of music I composed on another synthesiser a year or so before I got the SY99. I couldn't save the compositions in the same way I have with the SY99, so I recorded them through the headphone output into a cassette tape recorder.

The cassette was played pretty continuously at my Paddy's Market Stall selling my "Natural" products based on Essential Oils and other Healing Oils... such as Eucalyptus, Ti Tree, Calendula etc. Many people, especially from overseas - tourists I guess you could call them - asked me for a copy of the music cassette on the spot, and asked would I send it to them overseas when it was "published. I had every intention of making myself available to them but the nightmare of running the market stall business created havoc in my life and a person I met who seemed to be a friend at the time borrowed it and so I have been wondering if I ever got it back.

It was in the days when the traditional Paddy's was in the city of Sydney after the big government stuff-up which resulted in the multi-story complex that turned the whole thing into a nightmare for us old timers in the days which resulted in the Asian take-over turning it into what is now a Chinese Market.

I will continue to look for the tape as the pieces of music were somewhat organic and quite unique.

In the process I came across a music tape I acquired from a lady friend years ago who introduced me to the Marharaji group in Sydney. They used to be called the "Divine Light Mission" before I became involved. But for a long time I wanted to experience what it was all about as I found such really good people were associated with it. I attended Satsang and eventually I had been brought up to a sincere level of desire for "Knowledge". I was given Knowledge and as a Premi practised it and in a few weeks had a staggeringly beautiful - and what has turned out to be relatively permanent - experience (or state of "mind") that added to what I had gained from a long association with Buddhism, Scientology, the Rosicrucians and Theosophy.

The music tape was called Court of Love by a group called Holy Jesters. I did a search on the Internet and only found one reference to it on an anti Maharaji site but they did not have more than 2 songs from the album posted, and one was not applicable to the album. So I processed the tape in order to preserve it as I believe the significance of such music is no longer a part of the world of Marharaji JI's devotees now. Well I like it still and it gives me back a connection to a time when I was "there" as a Premi.... (and still am at times) The quality of the tape has suffered through time but the 192kb mp3s are pretty good and are worth having. I have linked them for streaming and download till someone seriously and rightly claims them  for the same purpose.

Give me a bit of time to set this up properly. I will be cleaning up the tape player and see if cannot get much better quality recordings from the tapes. But you should enjoy these recordings as they do have a hauntingly interesting feel as though they are coming through some kind of inter-dimensional space-time continuum... So I have set them up for download or stream :

Court of Love


192 Strm

192 DL

Stream the entire album:
or then choose which one to hear:

Trk 01 - Listen Listen 4:47
Trk 02 - I Have Seen Such a Great Wonder 4:22
Trk 03 - Court of Love 7:08
Trk 04 - Please Fill Me With Your Devotion 6:18
Trk 05 - Glory of My Master 4:58
Trk 06 - In Your Hands Lies a Jewel 5:29
Trk 07 - My Master Blessed Me 5:40
Trk 08 - Life Is Passing Away 5:19
Trk 09 - I Am In Love With You My Lord 5:04
Trk 10 - Don't Let Me Lose Hold 6:29


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