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Well before I get too carried away, I found a bit of earlier writing that serves as an introduction to Davina Records and the music from around 1997 when I first started the website in the days of windows 95 and the 10 megabyte hard drive....

This is roughly what I wrote....

Well it is interesting what inspires an artist to be an artist; if I may be considered one.  For me it has been the loves and strange events in my life.  My daughter, and all that went with her, and Dianne, my real and longest relationship of almost eleven years, were the most significant. Memories of loves of the past and very distant past inspired a good deal of my music too.

"When Dianne came into my life in 1989, she recognized musical talents that I never seriously acknowledged or developed in my earlier years, and part of her support was to take the form of a very special gift celebrating my 44th birthday in 1991, a magnificent composers’ keyboard, The Yamaha SY99 Music Synthesizer. Dianne also plays the piano - in particular, the classics.

Some of her other interests are.... her parents and family, applied religious philosophy,  astrology, literature, rare books, romance writing, movies, vegetarian and gourmet food, clothing, gardening, leaf and flower collecting, Ebony our cat - now gone walkabout - as cats always do.

We met at the only party I had been to for over 10 years and straight away my destiny was set on a new course. Later when our relationship had developed, she bought the Yamaha SY99 Keyboard for my birthday and within one year I had composed over 100 pieces of music and finally completed my first CD of ten songs by February 1995.

So far, it has taken 10 years to relatively "complete" only 5 CDs, as there has been such a work-load amid incredible and barely believable "distractions". I have enough music, as I write, to fill over 50 CDs, and I am aiming to publish at least 20 before the space-ship arrives.... and more... if "they" let me.   :)

Without Dianne's faith in me, I would still be dreaming of what I might do some day. Dianne is the principal inspiration for the creation of Davina Records.... and my daughter, initially the main target audience; a message about surviving and overcoming the distance forced between us, at an early age, by life circumstances....

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