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First entry..... a bedtime story????   Probably not... but the music is....

I originally titled this page as "History", and some readers might have preferred I kept it that way....... until they actually listened....

But when I thought about it, I realised the history of Davina Records and how it came about and what happens to a project like this and to the composer in the process would make a good yarn and it is really such an unusual tale that should be told. I could be forgiven for not being sure where to start, what to say or not say. "History" is probably not really the right word for it.... more like "Saga"....

So I guess I thought this page could be just a blurb on how the music got started and how it happened to arrive where it is today - perhaps in short periodic notes and sometimes an extended chat about relevant things.

When I heard about Weblogs, and checked around how they are done I felt ok about just telling it like it is... or was. As I am such a chatter-box, I'll probably open up in ways few do and the rave might unfold as a kind of autobiography. I've been told I've had a very unusual life, met interesting people and done interesting things and probably survived it better than most, so I suppose it might be good to "get it out there".

It's a tough call to collect together one's thoughts on the past as it requires a re-hash in one's mind of the "lows" as well as the "highs". That can be a bit heady. But maybe whatever I write will be an inspiration to someone who has, or is going along a similar path. I don't think it will be a fast read. It will probably unwind... and reveal things that might affect you though... and I am sorry if you laugh , or if you cry... better out than in they say... I am sure you will feel something.

Ok. You can carry on then....

This page has been hard to attend so far. I have not been too sure what I should or should not write and it has been a bit difficult to start on it. "What would anyone want to know?" I thought - "other than listening to the music and feeling what I'd most like them to think I was all about anyway?" The music is what started this and it sure looks like it is going to go off in all directions. That's what life does to people born like me.

So I will try to keep strange tales in their place and music in the place it should go too. What I will eventually do is write from the present forward and have a second track from the present going back in time. The "past" stopping point, I cannot promise, may be my birth in this lifetime. If there is more... disregarding the steak-knives, it will probably be released after I have left for the next world for various reasons... if you get my drift... If there is nothing about that... you will not have to read about it and that will save time for some more reading - and feeling - and contemplating.

One likes to think of promotion as a positive thing, and I guess there is a lot to promote about, but I have never been good at blowing my own trumpet - and I am talking about my music mainly, so I hoped that those who liked the music might make some comments... hopefully... "promotional" comments for me and save me the problem of talking when listening is the best thing to do. But in 10 years, "promotional comments" have not happened more than a few of times. The Guestbook idea was the original way of offering that opportunity. Certainly I have had some very nice posts, but I have found it is amazing how many ways a guestbook can be abused and few reveal they are interested in something outside themselves in such a place.

Of course my music is not everyone's "cup of tea" and I am sure there are those who would just like to dismiss or demote what I do, but I feel there are more who have said very, very nice things about what I have done and some even encourage me to keep going.

It is true that the sales have not been good for a long time now, but that is more to do with the fact that I have not pushed for sales as I have been too busy with serious distractions that I may mention here and there - if I think my readers might have the stomach for it.

But mainly, I have not had "manufactured" CDs - (Replication Stock) available for a long time. The minimum run around here for "manufacturing" is 500 units. Since the first two batches (in which the first was a fiasco and was trashed,) I simply haven't had the funds to get another batch made - especially as 4 more CDs appeared very suddenly as a result of a health scare, and since that time my hair has turned white and time has marched on and I am still editing these first 5 and wondering if I will have the time and opportunity to publish the next 50 CDs or so.

I have Duplication Stock which have been done on the home-studio computers, but I think the market prefers the factory made product more. Some customers have been quite happy with the Duplication CDs and they play as well as the other, but there-in lies a liability...

As I am now looking at a world wide distribution, as is the way of things these days due to the existence of the Internet, it might be a signal for backyard albeit "pirate operations" to go ahead with a massive Replication or Duplication project that has nothing to do with me... Probably good for exposure, but not helping pay any of my bills. Of course if they did it and forwarded a share to me I might see things differently.

Anyway. Many fantasies and apprehensions later.... I am spending most of my efforts in improving the web-pages I am associated with, and as the troubles that have rocked my world for so many years seem to be taking a bit of a back seat, I am trying to put my attention back on the music in between these moments. But I cannot make any promises to myself in reality.

       So "stay tuned" and we'll see what happens next... :)

I have declared that I will make some improvements to my health. I think the body was looking a little better here at the end of 2006... thanks to the photographic style of my recently found brother, who appeared in my life with his wife Jill and their children, Charis and Stephen.

But the photo page hints at the real story.... Yes.  I am an alien....

Can you see my invisible space-suite? ....... No. That's my shirt collar.

No ..... No. That is my white hair with hidden pony tail......

NO NO! That is the edge of the photo...  (oh well)

- And don't ask me if that is my spaceship behind me. It is not an ancient Indian Vimana. It is called a Colourbond. It's actually a fence in case you were worried.

Moving along now....



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