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To hear the songs please install Winamp or Windows media player versions 9 or 10.
(I prefer version 9 for the skins myself) Classic Media Player is good.
These players are ideal for listening to the music samples without difficulties.
For slower systems Winamp handles the job better.
Also I urge you to have a decent sound system or you will not
experience what is here to hear.

Song Editions:

It seems that music can just be played or arranged better and better as time goes by, not to mention the variations on themes and musical characteristics produced with different instrumentation. As all songs are continuously "upgraded" or edited into an improved standard of performance, each published song includes the edition number at the end of the name.

All edition versions of each song will be made available for music studies when the time is right, as well as manuscripts produced if I get around to it.

The future:

I am still having fun with the technology 'at my fingertips', though I have long ago given up the idea that I will "make money" from the activity. "It ain't Rock and Roll"...... But it's making many people feel good, and that's what matters to me the most.

Fortunately or unfortunately - as the case may be.... I have composed well over 2000 pieces of worthwhile music but due to the complexity and dare I say it, the sophistication of many of the pieces... and due to an absence of time, space and various forms of support many people in "creative" positions often find themselves in need of and seriously lacking, I have given myself a task that is virtually impossible to complete in my lifetime.

The editing and various production levels relating to each piece of music demands more years than this body of mine will facilitate... Unless I am somehow freed from various shackles through luck, divine intervention, or some kind of super-resourcefulness, I am going to have to choose my more favoured pieces to complete and release before time runs out. I estimated some time ago that I had till around 2022. Since that time I met my over 80 year old father after a 55 year separation and I suspect I might have more time than I thought.

Whether people thought my prediction (written up on page 01) was a psychic flash or the roll of a dice. I was actually calculating available time based on health and other factors and thought that it was about right to be ready for the "divine intervention" thing to "do its thing" by that time. My newly re-discovered father of over 84 years of age, may have encouraged me to re calculate, but sometimes a flash may be more than just calculation when one has any connection with the outer or inner "realms" at all.

The editing stages of each piece of music has to do with the nature of the composition method.... ad lib. And this method has rather a heavy dependency on how one is feeling at the time and what is impinging on one also. Being free from restimulation is the ideal state. I wonder that I might have left it a bit late to do with each piece what I would like to. But I will keep at it as long as I can.

I don't know really what makes it so important to me to do this project before dropping the body, and perhaps I am not meant to know before the right time. As I get "older" I wonder and marvel at what motivations one experiences as a human being throughout ones life, and I have a suspicion that motivation in relation to art is more worthwhile for oneself as a soul, and thus of value to others. Really great composers such as Handel, Beethoven and others in this category seem to have demonstrated this pretty well.

So enjoy each piece and even each song version till the final version is left to you not too far off in the future.... I will try to tool up and get back to do some more work when I can... If I am meant to.... LOL 

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Davina Records is always seeking licensing opportunities for film and television as well as web and multimedia. We are also interested in retailers who promote independent artists and their merchandise, as well as DJ plays in and outside of Australia. Please e-mail Davina Records or APRA if you are interested in any of the above opportunities.

about the Founding Publication.......

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Available Albums       Eventual CD Title List :-

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The following albumn list - first prepared in 1995 - represents all the currently envisioned music CDs  in editing phase, but not listed in order of intended release.

As each album is released, it will be added to the "Music Albumns Currently Released" list above with links to an Albumn page with links to downloadable mp3 music files and eventually, scores and whatever else I can provide.

I am experimenting with software for converting these very complex compositions into scores for piano and small or perhaps large orchestra. It all depends on the health as we all know. It's a lot of work for one little black duck. On a pension now in 2008, it is not as easy as I would like.


To stream from a colourful page on Davina Records at IDL....  go here

Select any highlighted CD title below, to stream Windows Media Files of the latest uploaded versions of D R Broughton Music from

First Light of Mind
White Clouds
Moon Castle
Love Forever
Lily Pond
Blue Pools
Pasture Lands
My Lady's Hand
City of Night
Night Life
Sea Winds
Little Bird
Eternal Beloved
Scenes From Eden
From My Window
Atom Fairy
Spanish Doll.
Green Sleeves
Crystal Shadows.
Minuets and Lace.
The Hidden Valley.
Children's Dreams.
Concertos for
Blue Mountains.
Bells in the Bells.
Ireland's' Call.
White Holes
Piano Solos.
Courting Play.
Mellifluous Love.
Lights from Heaven.
The Desert Moons.
Grandmas Visit.
Queen Bee.
Night Wish.
Diarbe Concertos.
Black Planet.

These Album Names and release order are subject to change at the slightest whim... before they are released  :)


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