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 Viewing Pleasure

As most of my webpages have fonts set at "default", it means you can set your browsers default setting to whatever you fancy [ changed at your whim. ] This will give you a very diverse page viewing experience.

The usual Windows default setting is "Times Roman".  However I recommend  "Georgio" or "Book Antiqua" as an experiment, and then go to the free fonts sites linked-to at the bottom of this page and have fun.

To setup your Internet Explorer Browser for a different viewing experience, right click the desktop browser icon and find the Fonts button [at the bottom ]... Select it and adjust the webpage font to any font in your fonts folder. You might like a conservative font or a very arty one. It may make a lot of the websites you visit rather more interesting.

Click  "OK" and the settings box will close. Return to the browser.

Now if necessary adjust the Browsers font size view even further by doing the following.......

Go up the top to the browsers linkbar and select View, then down to Text Size. There is smallest, smaller, medium, large and larger on Internet Explorer...  Select whichever adjustment choice makes my webpages look balanced.  However I recommend:- Medium.

Combined with a well chosen windows desktop theme, you can achieve quite a marvelous range of computer interfacing experience with so few moves.

I also recommend Windows Blinds to upgrade your desktop experience... and using backgrounds from Dianne's Artworks.

I must pass it on that I had a lot of trouble when I tried to uninstall Windows Blinds a couple of years ago. It can stay installed and unused if you don't fancy it.



get far-out, hot, groovy, fab, cool fonts here