Critter Lodge

Bird List



Specializing in the following birds,

*Macaws, Greenwings, Blue & Golds, Scarlets, & Hahns.

*Black Cockatoos, Red, Yellow, & White Tails, & Glossies. 

*Other Cockatoos, Gang Gangs, Major's, White Cockatoos, & Galahs.

*Exotic Parrots, African Greys, & Blue Fronted Amazons.

*Exotic Lories, Black Capps, Chatterings, & Reds.

*Other Parrots, Blue & Green Quakers, Green Cheeked Conures,

  Coloured Ringnecks, Coloured Princesses, Alexandrines, Moustaches,

  Derbyans, & Eclectus parrots.



*All Australian Lorikeets.

*Reptile accessories, including rats & mice, in all sizes.

*Specializing in all types of hand reared birds.



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