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   Tommy Pickles

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Tommy Pickles Tommy is Stu and Didi Pickles' son. He is one year old, and loves to explore and go on adventures. His best friends are Spike and Chuckie. You might call Tommy the "leader" of the babies. He has lots of ideas and a great imagination. Tommy isn't scared of anything and he likes to go on daring adventures, taking along a very unwilling Chuckie, and Phil and Lil, who are more enthusiastic. Tommy always wears a blue shirt and a diaper. He says, "We're babies. We're supposed to get in trouble. That's our job". His favourite toy is his ball, and his favourite food is Reptar Candy Bars. He says that one of the funniest things that has ever happened to him was when milk came out of his nose. The bravest thing he ever did was when he got his tongue stuck to an ice cube.

Tommy is voiced by E.G. Daily

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