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The Story So Far....

Below are the first sections of the Rugrats story, and it's up to you to decide what happens next!

Note: The story has now been finished. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Tommy and Chuckie

Part 1 by Elise (webmaster of this site) aged 10

Tommy and Chuckie were sitting in the playpen playing with Reptar and building blocks. Betty came and put Phil and Lil in with Tommy and Chuckie and followed Didi into the kitchen. "Hi Guys!" said Tommy, "What do you wanna do?" Lil exclaimed, "I've got a fishy finger!" Eyeing the VCR, Tommy asked, "Wanna put it through the mailbox?" All the Rugrats cheered, except for Chuckie. "I don't think that's a very good idea," said Chuckie. "Aw, c'mon it'll be fun!" Tommy convinced him. Tommy got his screwdriver from his diaper and lifted up the lock of the playpen. "Follow me!" said Tommy. The Rugrats followed. Lil gave him the fish finger, and Tommy started to post it, but then Didi rushed in and picked him up. "No, no, Tommy!" scolded Didi. She put him back in the playpen when the others were waiting. They got out again and this time they were determined to get the fish finger in that mailbox. They posted it, but then weird things began to happen. Lil started to move towards the TV, but then she got sucked into the TV screen. Phil shouted, "Lil's on TV! My own sister's on TV!" But then, the same thing happened to Phil! Tommy shouted, "We've gotta save them Chuckie!" "But I don't want to to be on TV..." protested Chuckie. "Don't be such a baby!" Tommy exclaimed. So they jumped into the TV and saw Phil and Lil being carried off by a huge bottle! Tommy and Chuckie chased it. They heard a big thumping noise. It was Spike! Spike caught the bottle and bit it. All the milk came out of the holes Spike had made with his teeth. The babies drank the milk and they went out of the TV and left the bottle lying on the ground. They thanked Spike for saving them. They went to play, but soon realised - they were still little from going into the TV....

Part 2 by Giada aged 13

"Tommy," Chuckie shruddred, "I think we're in trouble!" "Whadya mean, Chuckaroo?" Tommy questioned. "Look up," Chuckie's face was white as a sheet. Tommy, Phil and Lil turned their faces upward. The TV screen towerd over them and a nearby chair looked like a mountain! "Oh my gosh ,"gasped Phil. "We're little!" Lil barely managed to choke out the words. "Oh no! When we went in the TV we never returned to regular size!" exclaimed Tommy. "What are we gonna do, Tommy?" Chuckie wailed. "I...um...I don't really know," Tommy sighed. "Well, hurry and think," Chuckie urged. Tommy, however, had little time to think, for the doorbell rang just then. They watched as Didi opened the door, and in popped the three-year-old terror, Tommy's cousin Angelica! "Hi Aunt Didi!" Angelica said politly. That was the problem about Angelica. In front of grownups she acted like a perfect angel, but when they turned their backs, LOOK OUT!" "Hello, Angelica," said Didi, "I didn't know you were coming over today." "Sorry about that, Didi," replied Drew, Angelica's father as he stepped inside, and put Angelica's cat, Fluffy on the ground, "but Charlotte just found out that she had to go to China on a business trip and we thought you wouldn't mind watching Angelica for us." "That's perfectly fine," Didi told him. Angelica waved good bye to her parents as they drove away. "Oh oh!" The Rugrats moaned as Angelica walked toward the playpen. "Hey babies! Where are you?" she called. "Down here," Tommy shouted. "Who said that?" Angelica asked. "Me! Tommy! Look down!" Tommy screamed at the top of his lungs. Angelica looked down and gasped. "I knew you were just a bunch of little dinky babies before, but this is ridiculus! How'd you get so tiny???" One by one the babies explained what had happened. How Lil had wanted to post her fishy finger and then how she had been sucked into the TV, how Phil had gone after her, how Tommy and Chuckie had tried to save them, and how Spike had rescued them from the TV. "Will you help us get back to "norman"?" Tommy pleaded. "Pretty please!" Phil and Lil begged. Just then Chuckie screamed, "Look out!" and he pointed at Angelica's cat, Fluffy who was running toward them the way she might chase a mouse....

Special mentions for their excellent stories go to: Anne, Elayna, Christina, Lizzie, Nick, and Sarah.

Part 3 by Ashlee aged 12

"Oh no. We gotta get somewhere safe," cried Chuckie, "Fluffy is gonna eat us!". "You little dinky babies are in alot of trouble. You got Fluffy mad so now she is gonna eat you!" laughed Angelica. "Please Angelica, we will do anything if you get us back to norman!" screamed Tommy. Angelica left Fluffy to do her work. Just then what Tommy had said had registered in Angelica's mind. She ran back over to Tommy and the others. "Anything...?" she said evilly. "Yes!!!!" they all yelled. "Okay babies. Hold hands." Angelica grabbed the babies and put them on the couch. "Thank you so much Angelica." "Now then," said Angelica cleverly, "You said you would do anything." Then Angelica put Cynthia on the couch and four little hair brushes. "Now you will brush her hair while I get something to eat." They started to brush when Didi came into the living room talking on the phone. "Well Charlotte, I just don't know what to do, Stu just won't come out of the basement." Just then she started to sit down ON THE COUCH....

Special mentions for their excellent stories go to: Cheyenne, Christina, Clare, Fashiona, Hayley, Irene, James, Jessica, Joe, Joel, Katie, Laurice, Lexie, Mika, Morgan, Nadia, Natasha, Rebecca, Sally, Samantha, Shari, Tanya, Tegan, and Zack.

Part 4 by Kristen aged 12

Chuckie, frozen by fear, stood there and watched Didi descend on him. Phil and Lil had already hidden in the cracks between the couch cushions, and Tommy, with one mighty pull, yanked Chuckie out of the way. And just in time, too. The impact of Didi sitting down on the couch was like an earthquake, and Phil and Lil fell, screaming, under the couch cushion. "C'mon,Chuckie!" Tommy yelled, "We gotta save 'em!" "I dunno, Tommy," said Chuckie, slowly. "I mean, Phil and Lil are nice and everything, but... AAARRRGGG!!!!" Whether Chuckie wanted to go or not, Fluffy leaped onto the couch, knocking Tommy and Chuckie off balance. "Wow!" cried Phil, as Tommy and Chuckie landed with a bump. "You came to save us!" "Tommy," began Chuckie, "This is one of the WORST adventures you ever... OH NO! HELP ME!!" The rugrats watched in horror as Chuckie fell into a gigantic wad of strawberry gum, that would not let him out of its clutches....

Special mentions for their excellent stories go to: Alec, Alex, Amanda, Anna, Ayla, Claire, Emma, Hilary, Jacara, Jessica, Kiara, Kimberly, Kym, Lana, Madeleine, Mika, Natasha, Nicole, Sarah, Selena, Seth, Soolmoz, and Valerie.

Part 5 by Katie aged 9

Just then Stu was about to put the gum in his mouth! Then Tommy and Chuckie tried to scream help. Phil said, "That's not working!" Then Tommy said, "We have to get out of here!" Chuckie said, "Look out, Tommy!" Suddenly, they saw a giant ant. Both babies started screaming! But the ant turned out to be a nice ant and pulled them out of the gum. Just then Tommy said, "We have to get to the basement to unshrink us!" But they were too tiny to open the door. Stu came along and opened the door at that moment so the babies went down before the door shut again. They looked for the thing that shrunk them but before they could do that, Stu came along and almost stepped on them....

Special mentions for their excellent stories go to: Alyssa, Anthony, Ayesha, Calum, Desiree, Emily, Hayley, Honor, Jackie, Jessica, Kara, Keren, Mawendo, Nano, Stacey, Tiffany, and Timothy.

Part 6 by Kelly aged 12

The babies got out of the way just in time. They ran over to one of Stu's machines (that he invented). "My daddy uses this to shrink toys. Maybe we can make it unshrink us. You guys stay here. I'll go turn it on. If it works, you can unshrink me." "Be careful, Tommy," shouted Chuckie. Tommy climbed the machine and turned it on. Yes, it worked! The babies got Tommy down and unshrunk him. "Oh no!" Phil said. An ant had crawled behind Tommy, and was made big. The babies ran upstairs, but the ant followed them."Ah!" Didi saw the ant. "Help Stu!"...

Special mentions for their excellent stories go to: Aimee, Alana, Alex, Birch, Bri, Cathy, Charlotte, Chelsea, Darnita, Eleanor, Elle, Kacie, Karli, Krystal, Jaclyn, Jade, James, Lacey, Manni, Molly, Morgan, Ravina, Riley, Robert, Shanice, Sheena, Sophie, Tinuviel, Tom, and Valerie.

Part 7 by Sarah aged 11

Just then, Spike came bounding into the room. He spotted the ant, and leapt towards it. Spike opened his mouth and swalled the huge ant whole! "Hurray for Spike!" shouted Tommy. "Phew, that was close," said Phil. Didi scooped up the babies and put them back into the playpen. The babies didn't mind, as they'd had enough adventure for a little while... maybe until the next day!

Special mentions for their excellent stories go to: Alexandria, Alexis, Ashleigh, Bridget, Catherine, Cheyenne, Chloe, Danielle, Dylan, Emerald, Eoin, Erica, Gemma, Hannah, Katherine, Kayleigh, Kristen, Jemma, Joe, Jonathan, Lavnya, Lila, Linden, Marina, Max, Nia, Rachel, Ross, Ryan, Sam, Samantha, Suzanne, Taylor, Victor, and Wendy.

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