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   Grandpa Lou Pickles

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Grandpa Lou Pickles Louis Kalhern Pickles, known as Grampa or Lou Pickles, is Stu and Drew's dad and Tommy and Angelica's grandpa. Sometimes he acts more like a kid than an adult, and he often disagrees with Stu and Didi's methods of raising Tommy. He is the Rugrats' favourite adult, and gets them out of trouble a few times when they go on "adventures". The Rugrats like it when Grampa baby-sits them, as he makes things fun or sometimes even falls asleep, leaving them on their own. He always calls the Rugrats "scouts". His interests include fishing, and he likes to tell stories about his childhood - "When I was a boy, we walked fifteen miles through the snow, without any shoes".

Up until 1997, Grandpa was voiced by David Doyle
From 1997 onwards, Grandpa has been voiced by Joe Alaskey

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