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   Episodes 61-91

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61. New Kid In Town
Tired of Angelica's bullying, the Rugrats go play with another kid in the park, Josh. When Josh turns out to be an even worse bully, Angelica shows up to rescue "her babies" from him.
Pickles vs. Pickles
Angelica decides to sue her parents for divorce after they insist she eat some broccoli. She wins the case, but then Drew wakes up and realizes it was all his own bad dream.

62. A Rugrats Passover
The Rugrats go to Boris and Minka's for Passover, and get locked in the attic with Boris, who's recounting of the Passover story is seen through Angelica's eyes, using the Rugrats as historical characters.

63. Kid TV
The TV breaks, and all the Rugrats use a cardboard box to create their own shows, not missing the actual programming at all.
The Sky is Falling
In response to one of Chuckie's questions, Angelica makes up a "fact" that the sky is falling and the world is ending.

64. I Remember Melville
Chuckie adopts a pet, Melville the Bug. When the bug dies, Chuckie has a hard time accepting it, and goes through the normal grieving process of denial, anger, and then acceptance.
No More Cookies
After Angelica overdoses on cookies and winds up with a stomach ache, she makes the Rugrats promise to keep the cookies away from her, no matter what.

65. Cradle Attraction
Chuckie falls for a new girl, Megan, and they express their affection by picking on each other. When Chuckie catches Megan picking on another boy, he realizes that love comes and goes but he'll always have his Rugrat buddies
Angelica's Moving Away
At first the Rugrats are glad to hear that Angelica's moving away, but Tommy thinks about the time they all first met, and how Angelica was instrumental in getting them to be friends. Finally, Drew announces they're not moving after all, and they all cheer.

66. Spike's Babies
Spike's behaviour gets a little bizarre when he secretly adopts a litter of kittens that he has stashed under the house.
Chicken Pops
The Rugrats catch the dreaded chicken pox.

67. Radio Daze
The Rugrats solve a mystery in a film-noire fantasy.
Psycho Angelica
Angelica convinces the Rugrats she can predict the future and sets out to fleece them of all their worldly goods.

68. America's Wackiest Home Movies
Stu and Drew get into a competition, trying to catch the antics of their respective children on tape to win a prize on a video show.
The 'Lympics
The Rugrats compete against the McNulty babies to save Angelica's gold necklace.

69. Carwash Monster
The Rugrats battle Angelica in a soapy drive-thru free-for-all
Tommy and his mystic guide, Sabu, journey with the Rugrats across a blacktop playground in a scorching heatwave to quench their thirst in "the land of many waters".

70. Angelica's Last Stand
The Rugrats are coerced into helping Angelica with a lemonade stand.
Clan of Duck
Chuckie and Phil discover that dresses are "cooler" than pants.

71. Faire Play
Bewitched by a Grandpa Lou tale, the Rugrats believe they have wished themselves into a fairy tale land. Little did they know they were on their way to a Medieval Fair when they wished it.
The Smell of Success
Chuckie acquires a heightened sense of smell and begins a new found life of freedom.

72. The Turkey Who Came To Dinner
The Pickles household is a frenzy of Thanksgiving preparations so much so that none of the adults notice the live turkey that was delivered as Grandpa Lou's canasta prize. After this strange bird runs amok throughout the Pickles home, then falls in love with Spike, Angelica tips the Rugrats to the turkey's Thanksgiving fate. It's not long before they put a plan into action to free the bird which backfires throwing the Pickles residence into a power outage. Without football, televised parades, and the ability to prepare the entire meal, the families realize the value of family togetherness at Thanksgiving.

73. Potty training Spike
Chuckie decides to teach Spike everything he is learning about bathroom etiquette himself.
The Art Fair
Angelica decides to take credit for the Rugrats' "abstract art work" and is hailed as an artist extraordinaire.

74. Send in the Clouds
The Rugrats mistakenly think that the early morning fog surrounding the house is Tommy's wish to be up in the clouds come true.
In The Navel
The Rugrats go on their first boating trip and attempt to rescue Cynthia when she goes overboard.

75. The Mattress
The Rugrats seek to rid the house of the monster they believe is in Granpa Lou's mattress before they sleep over for the night.
Looking for Jack
Charlotte's minivan breaks down on the way to taking the Rugrats to the Dummi Bear concert. Hearing that a jack is the only thing that can help them, the kids go to a nearby Italian restaurant looking for "Jack". The Jack they find is a questionable Italian "businessman" who happens to love the Dummi Bears.

76. Hiccups
Tommy gets the hiccups and Angelica volunteers to "scare" them away.
Autumn Leaves
The Rugrats think the trees are sick when they notice the leaves changing colour and falling. Tommy heads up a campaign to cure them.

77. Dust Bunnies
During Spring Cleaning, Tommy and Chuckie think that a dust bunny is an animal out to get them. Contains 3D Nogglevision segment
Educating Angelica
Angelica has "show and tell" at preschool where she must share her favourite toy. She is so reluctant to give up her Cynthia doll that she brings Tommy instead.

78. Ransom of Cynthia
Angelica schemes to get candy from the babies by pretending that her doll, Cynthia, has been kidnapped and she even resorts to sending bogus ransom notes.
Turtle Recall
The Rugrats get separated from their fathers in a department store and attempt to reunite a pet store turtle with its father --the department store fountain.

79. Angelica Orders Out
Stu's new invention, the "Pickles Voice Frequency Modulator 5000" --a toy which deepens children's voices-- falls into the wrong hands. Posing as her mother, Angelica racks up a huge bill at Zippy's Snappy Home Delivery Deli.
Let It Snow
After the Pickles decorate their house for their annual Christmas card photo (in August), the babies get confused and think it's actually Christmas and that Santa forgot them. They decide to remind Santa by writing to the TV weatherman and asking for it to snow. Their wish is inadvertently fulfilled when the laundry machine goes haywire and covers the house with soap flakes.

80. Angelica Nose Best
Angelica develops a quality conscience after waking up with a swollen nose from a mosquito bite. Thinking she will share the same fate as Pinocchio, she decides to turn over a new leaf and be completely honest.
Pirate Light
Thinking that the pilot light is a "pirate light" that keeps pirates away from their house, the babies wage war on the hapless repair man whom they assume is a pirate.

81. Grandpas' Bad Bug
When Lou sneaks home after an all-night pinochle tournament, he gets out of a day of yard work by saying he caught a "bad bug". the babies mistakenly think Lou ate a bug and try several home remedies --including putting good bugs all over him--to cure him.
Lady Luck
When Grandpa Lou brings the Rugrats to a Bingo game at the Senior Centre, the babies misunderstand his "date with Lady Luck" and when Lou starts losing, go off to look for her.

82. Crime and Punishment
Chaz falls for a traffic cop. The Rugrats try to thwart the blossoming romance after Angelica informs them the police officers take babies away from their parents and put them behind bars.
Baby Maybe
Ben and Elaine are thinking about having a baby and baby-sit the Rugrats for one night as a test run

83. The The Word of the Day
Angelica tries to be the new junior assistant for "Miss Carol's Happy House". The fury flies when Angelica overhears Miss Carol bad "word of the day" and repeats it to the world.
Jonathan Babysits
Charlotte makes her long-suffering assistant, Jonathan, babysit the Rugrats while she digs up dirt on her competition at work. Jonathan, in turn, uses this opportunity to snoop around Charlotte's house for blackmail material. The babies help by literally digging up dirt while Angelica proves to be as much --if not more than-- a tyrant as her mother.

84. He Saw, She Saw
Chuckie falls for Emma, a little girl playing by herself at the park. The one problem is that she's the little sister of Big Binky, an over-protective (and very large) three year old.
Piggy's Pizza Palace
A Rugrats romp set at a Piggy's Pizza Palace.

85. Fugitive Tommy
Tommy is the victim of mistaken identity when a one-toothed baby wreaks havoc on the kids at the park. When the one-toothed baby destroys the family ball, the McNulty brothers organize an extensive manhunt to look for Tommy.
Visiting Aunt Miriam
Grandpa Lou plays poker with his eccentric cousin Miriam and her nutty friends. When the old ladies say Chuckie "looks good enough to eat", the Rugrats worry that the old ladies want to eat their friend.

86. The First Cut
Tommy is rattled when he gets his first haircut, but eventually learns that cuts do heal.
Chuckie Grows
The babies think Chuckie is growing after Grandpa Lou accidentally shrinks his clothes in the wash.

87. Uneasy Rider
Angelica takes Chuckie under her wing when he gets his first bike. Things get a little out of control when he is bullied into a game of chicken with another "big bike kid".
Where's Grandpa?
During a trip, the adults inadvertently leave Grandpa Lou stranded at a gas station. The Rugrats pull every trick in the book to make the car stop so Lou can catch up. Lou finally joins them for a romp at "North of the Border", a cheesy Canadian-themed tourist trap.

88. The Wild Wild West
In this Wild West fantasy, Wild Bill Hiccup (Tommy), Why-a-Burp (Chuckie), Clammy Jane (Susie), and Nakie Americans (Phil and Lil) form a posse to catch the evil Cactus Kate (Angelica) who stole all of their free ice cream coupons.
Angelica for a Day
After Angelica explains the expression "to be in the other guy's shoes", Tommy decides to make Chuckie braver by putting him in Angelica's shoes. But in an extended dream sequence, Chuckie ends up with all of Angelica's obnoxious traits.

89. Babysitting Fluffy
Chaz and Chuckie are forced to baby-sit Angelica's evil pet cat/look-alike, Fluffy, when Angelica and her family leave town.
Sleep Trouble
During a sleep over, Tommy and Chuckie fear the Sandman is coming to get them and set elaborate traps for him, which ultimately spring on Chaz when he comes to check on Chuckie.

90. Journey to the Center...
The babies make a trek to the basement in order to save Chuckie's favourite Reptar Jr. toy. They get carried away and imagine themselves in the movie "Reptar Battles the Mole People".
A Very McNulty Birthday
When the Rugrats go to a birthday party at the McNulty's house, they are set against one another when Timmy McNulty tells the girls they can't play because they have cooties.

91. The Family Tree
Chaz is working on the family tree. Tommy and Chuckie decide they're from the same tree and decide they're really brothers. Unfortunately, Chuckie --fuled by Angelica-- becomes jealous of the attention that Chaz is giving his new brother and tries to make Tommy look bad. Didi then finds out she is pregnant.

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