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   Episodes 31-60

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31. Meet The Carmichaels
A new family moves in across the street from Tommy. The three year old of the house, Susie, befriends Tommy and asks him to help her find her old room.
The Box
Stu buys Tommy a 'Kiddie Karnival' but Tommy and the Rugrats are much more interested in the potential of the box in which the 'Karnival' came.

32. Down the Drain
After Angelica tells them a horror story, Tommy and Chuckie develop a terrible fear of going down the drain.
Let Them Eat Cake
When Didi's younger brother Ben gets married, Tommy and Chuckie become enthralled by the multi-tiered wedding cake.

33. The Seven Voyages of Cynthia
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally lose Angelica's favorite doll, Cynthia, and must face the dilemma of whether to tell Angelica.
My Friend Barney
Chuckie gets an imaginary friend, Barney, whom no one except Chuckie can see or hear.

34. Feeding Hubert
The Rugrats develop a fascination with a garbage truck that comes every week, they think it's a monster named Hubert.
Spike the Wonder Dog
After the Rugrats see a TV show about a talking dog, they become convinced that Spike's been holding back, refusing to talk to them.

35. The Slide
After a traumatic experience at a 'Chuck E. Cheese' pizza joint, Chuckie develops a horrible fear of going down the slide. Tommy, Susie, Phil and Lil must help him conquer his fear.
The Big Flush
The Rugrats go to a public swimming pool and mistake the pool for a giant potty.

36. King Ten Pin
While Grandpa competes for the senior championship at a local bowling alley, the Rugrats explore a wreak havoc and in the end, discover that Grandpa's opponent is a cheat.
Runaway Angelica
After Drew punishes Angelica she decides to run away... to Tommy's house.

37. Game Show Didi
When Didi goes on a 'Jeopardy' style game show, she must confront her inner doubts.
Toys in the Attic
Boris and Minka agree to take care of Tommy and Angelica for a weekend, but their child care skills have grown rusty.

38. Driving Miss Angelica
After Angelica saves Chuckie from getting hit by a troop of big wheelers, she tells Chuckie he has to be her slave for life.
Susie vs. Angelica
Susie, the new kid on the block, sticks up for the Rugrats after Angelica's been picking on them.

39. Tooth or Dare
When Angelica learns about the Tooth Fairy from Susie's big brother Edwin, she forms a plan to get rich quick by pulling out Chuckie's teeth and putting them under her pillow.
Party Animals
During a sleepover at Angelica's, Grandpa read the Rugrats their bedtime story about Aladdin and his Magic Lamp. The story gets their imaginations going, and soon the Rugrats create their own fantasy and the house turns into a fun house.

40. Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster
When Randy Carmichael's boss, the producer of the Dummi Bears Show, comes over for dinner, the Rugrats, thinking Susie's going to have to move away to a bigger house if dinner goes well, try to sabotage the proceedings.
Twins' Pique
Phil and Lil decide they want to be different -- Phil tries to be like Chuckie, and Lil tries to be like Angelica. Eventually they discover the people they admire most are each other.

41. Chuckie's First Haircut
The Rugrats and Chaz all try to help Chuckie overcome his fear of getting his hair cut. Ultimately, Chuckie finally decides to just go through with it, and Chaz ends up completely bald due to letting Chuckie give him a bad haircut.
Cool Hand Angelica
After boasting to Susie that day camp would be no challenge for her, Angelica is sent to Susie's day camp, where she fails miserably until she develops team spirit.

42. The Tricycle Thief
When Susie's new bike is missing and Angelica shows up on an identical three-wheeler, Susie accuses her of stealing it.
Angelica plays doctor, diagnosing Chuckie with a disease that will turn him into a rhinoceros. Chuckie starts to accept his fate, but then notices that Angelica has several symptoms herself. She runs crying to Drew, worried about her case of 'rhinoceritis'.

43. Grandpa Moves Out
Grandpa, starting to feel like he's in the way, moves into a retirement home that looked great on TV but turns out to be boring. Tommy and Angelica come to visit him, and not only do they liven up the place, but Grandpa realizes how much they need him when he rescues them from trouble.
The Legend of the Satchmo
Grandpa takes the Rugrats on their first camping trip -- outside in the back yard. Stu, wandering around in the middle of the night to check on them, gets mistaken for the legendary 'Satchmo' monster that Grandpa warned the kids about.

44. Circus Angelicus
After a trip to the circus, Angelica stages her own big top, using the Rugrats as her three-ring acts.
The Stork
Angelica, informed that babies come from stork eggs, passes this on to the Rugrats, who find a crows egg and try to hatch a baby brother for Tommy.

45. The Baby Vanishes
Angelica puts 'vanishing cream' on Tommy and Chuckie, and pretends she can't see them in order to get them to sneak desserts for her.
Farewell, My Friend
After yet another wild adventure, Chuckie decides that Tommy plays too rough, and he's going to stay inside where it's safe.

46. When Wishes Come True
After Angelica is particularly nasty, Tommy wishes something bad would happen to her. When Drew brings over a life-sized statue of Angelica, the Rugrats assume their wish has come true and they try to turn the stone Angelica back to the real thing.
Angelica Breaks Her Leg
Angelica, stuck at Tommy's house while her parents are on vacation, fakes having a broken leg to get attention.

47. The Last Babysitter
When Susie's teenage sister Alisa baby-sits Susie and Tommy for the first time, Tommy and Susie suspect there are monsters loose in the house.
Sour Pickles
Grandpa tells Angelica and Tommy about Stu and Drew's boyhood : They used to fight all the time until they cooperated to find a TV set to watch their favorite show, 'Blocky and Oxwinkle'.

48. Reptar 2010
When the 'Reptar 2010' videotape breaks, the Rugrats each supply their own ending to the story, describing a Reptar that resembles their own characters.
Stu Gets a Job
Stu, trying to break through his 'inventors block', gets a job at Consolidated Lard, and Tommy keeps trying to sabotage him each morning in order to keep him from leaving the house.

49. Give and Take
After Chuckie admires Tommy's punching- bag clown doll, Tommy gives it to Chuckie. Tommy immediately misses the doll, but has to work up the nerve to ask Chuckie for it back.
Gold Rush
When Rugrats find a nickel in the park, Angelica's greed takes over and she drives them to look for more.

50. Home Movies
While Stu shows boring slides of his family's vacation, the Rugrats draw their own 'slides' which come alive as they narrate their own 'day in the life' stories.
The Mysterious Mr. Friend
Stu invents a talking, walking, 'Mr.Friend' doll, which seems to have a few bugs that only become apparent when it's alone with the babies.

51. Cuffed
When Angelica sneaks a set of toy handcuffs and then gets stuck cuffed to Chuckie, she has to hide the situation from the adults until she can figure a way to get the cuffs off.
The Blizzard
Due to a meteorological anomaly, snow falls in the Rugrats neighbourhood, and the babies go off on a backyard fantasy adventure to find the North pole and get Santa to fix Chuckie's fire truck.

52. Destination Moon
The babies sneak into Grandpa's camping trailer, mistaking it for a rocket ship, then believe they've blasted off to the moon.
Angelica's Birthday
Angelica's terrified of getting older and having more responsibilities, so she pretends she's a baby, hoping to avoid having a birthday.

53. Princess Angelica
Angelica misinterprets her parents' remarks and believes she's an actual princess.
The Odd Couple
When Tommy stays with Chuckie for a few days, their individual quirks start to annoy each other.

54. Naked Tommy
Tommy decides that he'd rather go naked like his dog Spike.
Tommy and the Secret Club
Angelica forms a secret club and makes the babies compete to see who will be her chosen member.

55. Under Chuckie's Bed
When Chuckie gets a big boys' bed, Angelica tells him there's a monster underneath it.
Chuckie is Rich
Chaz wins $10 million in a sweepstakes.

56. Mommy's Little Assets
Charlotte gets stuck taking Tommy and Angelica to the office with her, where they wreak havoc and almost blow a deal, but she discovers that they are her most precious assets of all
Chuckie's Wonderful Life
Chuckie, depressed, gets a visit from his guardian angel, who shows him what everyone's life would have been like had he never been born. Chuckie cheers up when he realizes how much he's needed by others.

57. In the Dreamtime
Chuckie has a couple of vivid dreams one night, and then the other Rugrats are hard-pressed to convince him he's not still dreaming throughout the rest of the day.
The Unfair Pair
Tired of being left out at Phil and Lil's house, Angelica claims to know which twin is the favourite and which is the reject. Phil and Lil become suspicious and competitive, and Angelica tries to take advantage of the situation to become the favourite herself.

58. Chuckie's Red Hair
Chuckie's sick of all the fuss people make over his red hair, so he gets Tommy to dye it black with Grandpa's dye.
Spike Runs Away
When Spike runs away, Stu tries to replace him with a series of new pets for Tommy, but nothing works. Finally, someone returns Spike to Tommy, and the boy and his dog have a joyous reunion.

59. The Alien
In order to keep the Rugrats from playing in Chuckie's new playhouse (which is too small to fit her), Angelica tells the Rugrats that Chuckie's an alien from outer space and the playhouse is his rocket ship.
Mr. Clean
After Chaz gives Chuckie a lecture about germs, Chuckie becomes a germ freak and refuses to touch anything for fear of accidentally coming into contact with a germ.

60. Angelica's Worst Nightmare
Charlotte announces she's pregnant, and Angelica worries that she'll be forgotten once the new baby arrives.
The Mega Diaper Babies
The Rugrats fantasize that they are super heroes in order to rescue their TV heroes from the wicked "Angelitron".

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