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   Episodes 1-30

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1. Tommy's First Birthday
During Tommy's first birthday party, he and his friends decide they want to be dogs. Believing that eating dog food will turn them into dogs, they commandeer a radio controlled hover craft to get to the dog food.

2. Bar-B-Q
Nasty cousin Angelica hits Tommy's favorite ball over the fence during a Fourth of July picnic. Tommy and his fellow Rugrats journey into the neighbour's yard where they are confronted by a big dog. It's up to Spike to save the day.
Baby in my Soup
Stu and Didi take Tommy to an important client dinner and he turns the chic restaurant into a circus.

3. At The Movies
The kids go to the movies, upset the patrons, wreak havoc at the concession counter, terrorize the projectionist and untangle film from eight different movies.
Slumber Party
Tommy dreams that his family takes on the physical characteristics of the figures in the mobile that hangs over his bed.

4. Baby Commercial
Phil and Lil star in a diaper commercial, upset the crew, and destroy the director's prized set.
Little Dude
Didi brings Tommy to school where she teaches Home Economics. Tommy gets lost on campus, ends up in a cafeteria food fight and befriends the coolest guy in school.

5. Beauty Contest
When they discover a great fishing boat is the first prize in the "Little Miss Lovely" baby contest, Grandpa and Stu dress Tommy up as a girl and enter him in the pageant.
Stu and Grandpa take Tommy to a baseball game. He wanders around the stadium and takes part in an important play.

6. Ruthless Tommy
Two hoods mistake Tommy for a millionaire's kid and kidnap him. They soon regret their crime when Tommy wreaks havoc on their hideout.
Moose Country
The Rugrats embark on a jungle adventure, looking for a moose in their backyard.

7. Grandpa's Teeth
Grandpa is supposed to play his trumpet at a Veteran's Picnic, but Spike runs off with his dentures. Tommy and Chuckie set out to rescue them.
Momma Trauma
Didi and Stu take Tommy to a baby psychologist after he crayons on the wall. They end up discussing Stu's problems and Tommy wanders through the building.

8. Real or Robots
After watching a scary TV show in which a kid discovers his dad is really a robot, Tommy wonders if his own father is a robot.
Special Delivery
Tommy climbs in the mailman's bag and ends up at the post office where he's mistaken for a piece of mail and sent through the production line.

9. Candy Bar Creepshow
Stu and Didi build a haunted house for Halloween and the Rugrats sneak in, looking for Reptar bars. They get tangled up in the props and Grandpa thinks the place really is haunted.
Monster in the Garage
The adults blame Spike for mysterious accidents in the garage, but Tommy believes his pet is innocent. Convinced the accidents are caused by a monster, Tommy talks the other Rugrats into a garage exposition.

10. Weaning Tommy
Did decides it's time to wean Tommy from the bottle, but he doesn't want to let go.
Incident in Aisle 7
Tommy gets excited when he sees a pyramid display of Reptar cereal boxes at the supermarket. He hitches his cart to another with sausage links and takes a wild ride through the supermarket.

11. Touch-Down Tommy
The dads are watching football on TV, the Rugrats are in their pen and Angelica decides she wants Tommy's chocolate milk bottle. She charges Tommy and a game of keep away ensues, inadvertently narrated by the TV set.
The Trial
The Rugrats stage a trial to determine who broke Tommy's clown lamp. Each kids recounts his story in a dramatic flash back.

12. Fluffy vs. Spike
Angelica and her kitty, Fluffy, act and look like evil twins. Fluffy breaks some pottery and Spike is wrongly accused.
Reptar's Revenge
At the Sleazola Bros. Carnival, a guy in a rubber Reptar suit is giving out samples of Reptar cereal. Angelica runs off with his bag and everyone follows her on a wild chase that culminates in the "Tunnel of Love". 

13. Graham Canyon
Stu and Did take Tommy and Angelica on a car trip to the Grand Canyon, but their car breaks down. While exploring the garage repair shop, the Rugrats unwittingly foil two unscrupulous mechanics who were planning to rip them off.
Stu-maker's Elves
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally toss their glider plane into the scary basement. They explore Stu's workshop and inadvertently fix an invention.

14. Toy Palace
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally are left in a huge toy store after closing. At first it's all fun and games, but when an oversized gorilla doll goes on a rampage, things start to get scary.
Sand Ho!
After Grandpa reads them a pirate story, Tommy, Chuck, Phil and Lil imagine that they're buccaneers on the high seas. They battle their nemesis Admiral Angelica and eventually find a long-sought treasure.

15. Chuckie vs. The Potty
When Chuckie spends a weekend at the Pickles house, he tells Tommy that his father is trying to potty train him. Things just get worse when Angelica torments him by turning the water on and off. In the end, Chuckie conquers the potty and Angelica has a little accident.
Together at Last
When Phil and Lil get into a fight over a toy, Betty separates them by sending Lil to Tommy's while Phil stays home. But it's not too long before Tommy and Chuckie help Lil reunite with her brother.

16. The Big House
Tommy gets put into a new-age care centre that seems an awful lot like prison. After winning over the 'inmates', Tommy engineers a jailbreak.
The Shot
When Tommy has to go to the doctor to get a 'rooster shot', he and another baby try to make an escape, wreaking havoc through the hospital. They are finally caught, and end up learning that a shot isn't that scary after all.

17. Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch
Tommy and Chuckie go to a new playground where the peace-loving kids live in fear of a bully called 'the junk-food kid'. Doing his best Gary Cooper, Tommy makes the playground a safe place for all the toddlers to play.
Didi brings a strange mirror home from an antique store. Upon closer investigation, Tommy and Chuckie learn that there is a 'mirrorland' on the other side, and cross through in search of a good adventure.

18. Angelica's In Love
Angelica gets a crush on a new four year old boy who wears a leather jacket and rides a big wheel. Her heart is broken when the boy and his family move away but quickly mended when a new little French boy moves in.
Maximum Golf (Ice Cream Mountain)
As they're driving to the local ice cream place, Stu and Drew take a detour to a mini-golf course they enjoyed as kids. Bored with the game, the Rugrats wander off to find the last hole, "the ice cream mountain".

19. Regarding Stuie
When Stu is hit on the head by his latest creation, he suffers temporary amnesia and starts acting like a baby. At first, the Rugrats love this new edition to the gang, but then Tommy begins to miss his Daddy.
Garage Sale
When the Pickles have a garage sale to get rid of all their extra junk, the Rugrats lend a hand by gathering up all of the adults belongings. It's too late when the adults realize the house is empty.

20. Let There Be Light
While Stu is testing a new electrical toy, he accidentally blacks out the entire city. The Rugrats surmise that the light is trapped in the refrigerator. As they are about to open the fridge to 'release the light', Stu fixes the power. The house lights up, and the Rugrats conclude that they have saved the day.
The Bank Trick
While running errands with Didi, Tommy and Chuckie mistake the "ATM" for an 'M&M' machine. In search of the candy, they wreak havoc through the entire bank.

21. Family Reunion
En route to the Pickles family reunion, Angelica explains to Tommy that all parents give their children away to other parents at family reunions. Scared out of his mind, Tommy recruits the help of all his cousins at the reunion and they search for their own set of folks.
Grandpa's Date
Stu and Didi prepare for an exciting night of videotapes and ice cream.

22. No Bones About It
At the Natural History Museum, Tommy and his pals see their first giant dinosaur skeleton. On the prowl for a souvenir for Spike who had to stay behind, Tommy leads the Rugrats on an expedition to get a bone out of the big pile.
Beach Blanket Babies (On the Beach)
Chuckie's father buys him 'sea monkeys' -- tiny frozen shrimp -- to keep as pets but Chuckie believes the creatures will be happier in the ocean.

23. Reptar on Ice
The Rugrats find a little lizard and immediately assume that it must be the baby Reptar, the dinosaur character they so adore.
Family Feud
After a game of charades gets a little too intense, the Pickles and the Devilles stop talking and the Rugrats set out to reunite the two families.

24. Superhero Chuckie
After watching the 1950's TV hero, Captain Blasto, the Rugrats convince Chuckie that he can become a superhero when he dons a purple cape.
The Dog Broomer
When Spike begins to smell just a little too ripe, Didi hires a dog groomer to clean him up.

25. Aunt Miriam
After watching a sci-fi movie about giant space ants, Tommy and Chuckie worry that Timmy's visiting Aunt Miriam might also be such a creature.
The Inside Story
Inspired by a science fiction film, the Rugrats decide to shrink down with a 'lazy-beam' in order to retrieve a watermelon seed from Chuckie's tummy.

26. A Visit From Lipschitz
Didi meets the world famous child care expert, Dr. Lipschitz, at a book signing and promptly invites him home for dinner.
What the Big People Do
The Rugrats fantasize about what it would be like to be adults. Although their understanding of the adult world is a little bit skewed, they eventually decide they like being babies after all.

27. The Santa Experience
The families escape to a mountain cabin in search of 'the perfect Christmas'. Things get a little crazy when Tommy and Chuckie lay traps for Santa and Chuckie's Dad dresses up as Santa and tries to squeeze his way down the chimney.

28. Visitors from Outer Space
After hearing Grandpa's stories from the American Star Inquirer, Tommy dreams of being taken aboard an alien spaceship.
The Case of the Missing Rugrat
When Grandpa accidentally loses Tommy, he must resort to his old private-eye skills learned in the thirties to track him down. Never did he imagine that he would find the boy practically adopted by two rich sisters who want to leave their money to him.

29. Chuckie Loses His Glasses
When a game of hide and go seek goes awry, Chuckie loses his glasses and the whole world appears to him in a blurry kaleidoscopic nightmare.
Chuckie Gets Skunked
A skunk sprays Chuckie and he becomes even more pitiful than usual.

30. Rebel Without a Teddy Bear
When Tommy's favorite stuffed animal gets taken away, he decides to take Angelica's advice and becomes bad.
Angelica the Magnificent
Angelica gets a 'Wee Wizard' magic kit as a gift. Much to her surprise, and to the astonishment of the Rugrats, she makes Lil disappear.

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