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Arlene Klasky The creators of Rugrats are Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo (pronounced CHOOP-oh), and they own the cartoon factory called Klasky Csupo. Here more than two hundred artists draw pictures, writers think up stories, and actors record voices for Rugrats and other cartoons.

Gabor grew up in Hungary where he attended art school and animation. In 1975, Gabor decided to leave Hungary, so he travelled to Sweden. It was there he met his future wife, Arlene Klasky, who was also an artist. They fell in love and moved to Los Angeles (they have since divorced). Gabor Csupo

In 1982, Gabor and Arlene decided to work together, and established their own studio. Klasky Csupo's first big animation hit was "The Simpsons", which they animated for the first three years of the series. The Simpsons became wildly popular, so in 1990, Nickelodeon asked Klasky Csupo to suggest some original ideas for cartoons.

Arlene and Gabor hired Paul Germain, a TV writer, to help create new shows for them. Arlene called Germain one night with an idea she had for a show about a baby's view of life - Rugrats. He added the concept that the babies could talk - but only to one another.

Paul Germain The first character created was Tommy, named after Germain's son. He was also inspired by Gabor and Arlene's son, Brandon Csupo, since Gabor drew Tommy to look like young Brandon. Klasky Csupo's Peter Chung drew Spike the dog and Angelica, while Arlene Klasky drew Phil and Lil and grandparents Boris and Minka, based on her Russian relatives. Gabor drew everyone else.

Arlene Klasky is a lot like Didi. She says that when she was a first-time parent, she had no idea how to raise a baby, so she kept turning to childhood instructional books. Gabor Csupo resembles Stu. Gabor is a very creative person like Tommy's toy-inventor dad.

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