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   Chuckie Finster

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Chuckie Finster Chuckie is Chaz's son, and he is two years old. His best friend is Tommy Pickles. Chuckie is a real "fraidy cat" - he's afraid of everything. Most of all he is scared of clowns, and the scariest thing that ever happened to him was when he got his head trapped in a sock! He will follow Tommy anywhere, but he will worry and complain the whole time. Chuckie has bright red hair and square glasses. He wears a blue t-shirt with a planet on it, green shorts, and red sneakers. His favourite toy is anything soft he can cuddle, and his favourite drink is juice. Famous quotes - "I don't know Tommy, I don't think this is such a good idea..." and "What are we going to do, Tommy, what are we going to do?".

Chuckie is voiced by Christine Cavanaugh

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