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   Rugrats Awards

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I'm really excited to have won the following awards. Clicking on the award title will take you to the award's homepage.

  Black Sun Award For Web Site Achievement
  BSOB Award Of Excellence
  Elite Rugrats Site Award
  Gold Award For Excellence In Web Design
  Good People's Choice Award
  June's Award Of Excellence
  Kris Devilkid45's Excellent Homepage Award
  Kutypie Award
  Market-Tek Design Award
  Picintro Globe Award - Web Excellence
  Rainbow's World Silver Site Award
  Rugrats Surprise Award
  Setoff Site Of The Day (Humour)
  Silver Dawn Select Site (August 1998)
  Sofcom Pick Of The Net
  Starsaber's Award Of Excellence
  The Family Corner Safe Surf Award
  The Hang Award
  The Stines Home Award For Excellence
  The Surreal Web Site Award
  The True Style Award 1998
  Page & Content Excellence Award
  WGB Web Creations Cool Site Award