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   Angelica Pickles

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Angelica Pickles Angelica is Charlotte and Drew's daughter, and Tommy's cousin. She is three and a quarter years old. Angelica tries to appear sweet and innocent to the adults, and they think she's a nice little girl most of the time. Her parents spoil her, and Angelica is always getting her own way. However, when she's left along with the babies she tends to be bossy and mean. She steals their toys and candy, and is a general bully. Angelica's motto is "If I wanna be mean, I can be mean. Know why? Cos I'm the boss." She says that the things that annoy her most are babies, grown ups, and empty cookie jars. She loves to eat cookies, and if she can't get them herself, she'll force other kids to get them for her. Other than cookies, her favourite foods include Reptar candy bars, ice-cream, cake and jelly.

Angelica is voiced by Cheryl Chase

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